Top 10 Ways to Clean Dirty White Socks
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Top 10 Ways to Clean Dirty White Socks

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Here are the top ten ways of getting dirty white socks clean, this list doesn't include standard chemical stain removers and whiteners apart from bleach.

1. Soak dirty white socks in a bucket of bleach and water over night, you can also add a little washing liquid to the bucket then put them in the washing machine at a high temperature and after they are washed dry them in the sun.

2. After washing the dirty white socks in the washing machine, and while the socks are still wet spray them with hydrogen peroxide and hang the socks in the sun to dry. Alternatively soak the dirty white socks in a of bucket water with one cup of hydrogen peroxide before washing the socks in the washing machine.

3. Soak the dirty socks overnight in cold water then wash in the washing machine with a liquid bluing. There is one brand called "Mrs. Stewart's Bluing" which is nontoxic and biodegradable, it can be bought online or from Safeway's.

4. Use baking powder and washing powder in equal quantities in a long washing machine cycle.

5. As an alternative to bleach add a cup or more of white vinegar to your washing machine in the detergent section when washing socks.

6. Boil dirty white socks in a pan with washing up liquid (kitchen dish washing liquid), you can also add a little bleach to this mixture. Boil for about 15 minutes and then put the dirty white socks in the washing machine for a normal wash.

7. Soak dirty white socks in one cup bleach and 1 cup dishwashing liquid in hot water over night and then wash in the washing machine in the morning.

8. Boil dirty white socks in a pan of water and some lemon juice and lemon slices, then wash and hang them in the sun to dry. Use fresh lemons not the synthetic pre-squeezed bottles lemon juice.

9. Dish washing liquid (Palmolive particularly) is a great stain remover, if you have the patience you can rub dish washing liquid onto the dirty parts of the white socks before putting them into the washing machine.

10. Soak dirty white socks in a mixture of Clorox and hot water before putting them into the washing machine.

There are a few rules which apply to all washing of dirty white socks.

Try to avoid them getting so dirty in the first place!

Wash the dirty socks right way out not inside out.

Wash the socks separately from other clothing.

If possible dry the washed white socks in sunlight rather than in the drier.

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Comments (4)

I always buy black socks so nobody knows if they are dirty - unless they stink!

During baseball season the kids socks get really filthy, this will be very helpful. Thank you.

I love this article. I will be back tomorrow to vote it up.

Useful tips on cleaning dirty white socks.