Stop Jeans from Fading: How to Keep Your Jeans Looking New
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Stop Jeans from Fading: How to Keep Your Jeans Looking New

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Most of us love to spend lots of time and money in finding the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are indeed a favorite dress for both men and women. Majority of the jean lovers like the brand new shade and feel of the new jeans; but unfortunately just after a few washings the color of the jeans generally starts to fade.

With each and every wash the new jean seems to become dingy and dingy and gives an impression as if you've had it for years. In order to keep your jeans looking new, it is really important that you take special care while washing and drying your jeans. Jeans can be easily kept as new for years. Stop your jeans from fading and learn the tips right now on how to keep your jeans looking new.

Here are the guidelines and some practical tips which can certainly help you to keep the color of your jeans stay bright and looking new.

  1. Avoid drying your jeans in the Sun. Jeans generally fade quickly if you dry them in the sun. Make a habit of drying all your clothes and specially jeans in shade as natural drying is the best way to keep the colors vibrant .
  2. Wash in cold water to prevent fading. Wash in cold water helps the fabric to maintain its bright and vibrant colors. Avoid wash in warm or hot water because it makes the clothes shrink and also leads to fading of colors.
  3. Avoid using the dryer. Air dry your jeans to prevent shrinking.If you must use the dryer, always choose the lowest setting possible and take out the jeans from the dryer while it is still damp.
  4. Wash only when necessary. Do not wash your jeans after wearing just once. Wash your jeans only when necessary. Frequent washing tends to fade the color and makes the jeans appear old. So don't wash them more than you need to.
  5. Always turn the jeans inside out. To avoid fading of the jeans always wash it by turning it inside out. This is the easiest way to prolong the life of your jeans.Turning the jeans inside out, helps to maintain the exact color and prevents to stop the jeans from fading to a great deal.
  6. Select a gentle cycle to prevent fading of your jeans. Alternatively a quick hand wash is an excellent option to keep your jeans in best shape and in vibrant color. Also avoid choosing  a cycle which is too long as it leads to damage the fibers of the fabric which result in fading.
  7. Maintain the crisp fresh look by ironing the jeans while it is still slightly damp. Remember to iron while following the original creases to get the new look. To preserve the original crease of your jeans simply hang the jeans or fold it precisely in half. 
  8. To keep the jeans appear new and in shape, always make sure that the zips and buttons on your jeans are done up while washing. This simple tip will really help the jeans to keep its shape.

First Wash Tip

Soak the new jeans in cold water and vinegar prior to the first wash. This is an excellent and effective way to prevent jeans from fading and also helps to set the color. Soak in cold water mixed with vinegar, is particularly helpful for preserving  dark colored jeans

Now you know how to take care of your jeans , so follow these simple tips to stop your jeans from fading and keep it looking new for years.

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Comments (6)

Thanks Ruby, I am also guilty of messing up my jeans :)

The fading of jeans is one of the reasons we buy them!

These tips will surely not only help stop fading but also the longevity of pants. Thanks!

Good and useful tips

Thanks for the info!


Lori from WASHington: So i wash my new black pants in reg., cycle with cold H2O and do I put them in dryer? Thanks you all. Help..