Laundry Tips: How to Prevent Black Clothes from Fading
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Laundry Tips: How to Prevent Black Clothes from Fading

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It is indeed unusual to find a wardrobe which does not possess a black outfit. Black clothes are an essential part of almost everybody’s wardrobe. Both men and women love black outfits as black is truthfully an exceptional color for all times and is rightly a  must have.

Black is in fact a unique color which gives you a chic look always. Black outfit is a favorite pick for all times; from romance to business, interview or party, it suits every occasion perfectly. Most of us love black color immensely and it is indeed the most wanted color for all occasions.

The modest but trendy appeal of black outfits fascinates each one of us. Black is the only color that is a sensation in streets, theater and cinema season after season. Black is indeed an intriguing component of fashion and is the only color which can never become outdated.

Preventing your black clothes from fading is an easy task. You can keep your black clothes black for longer by simply following these laundry tips.

First Wash Rule

The first wash is a vital wash for all dark colored and the black fabrics. To keep your black clothes black simply soak them overnight in salted water, or you can opt to use a solution of vinegar and water. Both salt and vinegar are excellent to set the colors of the cloth. If you follow the first wash rule you can easily prevent the fading of colors in the laundry to a great deal.

Wash only if necessary

To keep your black clothes black do not  wash them often. Before you  throw your black garments in the laundry basket take a nice look at your garment and check out if it can be worn again. Each and every wash damages the garment slightly so wash only if necessary, right.

Cold water wash is the best

To wash black clothes always use the coolest water temperature. Cool water usage helps to prevent fade. Hot water wash generally make the colors bleed which causes fading of the actual fabric and the color bleeding damages the other clothes too. 

Hand Wash

While using the washing machine always select a gentle cycle to prevent fading unless your clothes are heavily soiled. Alternatively  hand wash is an excellent option for delicate black clothes. And remember do not choose a cycle which is too long as it damages the clothe fibers which leads to the fade.

Turn the garments inside out before washing

Always turn the black clothes inside out before washing. This is a simple but effective laundry tip which can definitely help you to prevent fading.

Air Dry and avoid Sun 

Avoid drying your black garments in the sun. Also avoid high heat as it can make your clothes shrink. Natural air drying is the best way to keep your black clothes last longer.

By now you know the various laundry tips to keep your black clothes black. So practice these top tips religiously and keep your black clothes black. From now on increase the life span of your black clothes and stop the fade and live with the perfect shade.

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Comments (1)

These are great tips! My friend and I started a wash and fold laundry service from our homes. We found that adding white vinegar into the rinse cycle acts as a natural fabric softner, saves money and is eco-friendly. I noticed that you advised using it to set color so I can only conclude that it would help preserve when you do have to wash!