How to Remove Paint From Clothing
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How to Remove Paint From Clothing

Removing paint from clothing is a difficult process, but with the right materials you can get those tough stains out.

Whether you lean against a freshly painted wall or your child forgets to wear a paint smock during an art project, you can surely expect a pain stain at some point in your life. Removing paint from clothing can be tricky but can definitely be accomplished. There are many different ways to remove paint from clothing.

Scrubbing paint off clothing while they are still wet is the best because it is much easier to get off before the paint dries. After you notice paint on your clothes immediately change so you can start scrubbing the clothing item. Pour between a teaspoon to a tablespoon of laundry detergent on your clothes, depending how big the paint stain is. Use a toothbrush and scrub the paint using elbow grease. You may want to add a little bit of warm water to help the detergent soak in.

An easy way to remove dried paint from clothing is to mix a little bit of hand sanitizer with rubbing alcohol and pour it on the stain. Mixing 25% hand sanitizer and 75% rubbing alcohol is the perfect amount of each. Use an old rag to rub the stain out using force and fast movements. This method has been proven to remove various paint stains such as interior and exterior paint for your home and paint used for arts and crafts.

Depending on the fabric and material that the item of clothing is made out of, you may be able to chip the paint off of your favorite pair of pants or brand new shirt. Chipping the paint requires long finger nails and plenty of patience. If washing the item doesn’t work, chipping it off may be the only other choice.

For those nasty oil paint stains, dish soap works wonders. You can scrub your clothes with dish soap or even put a dab of dish soap through the washer. Your clothes should be paint free in no time. Make sure that you apply the dish soap before rubbing the stain as the paint oils can smear into your clothing.

Of course, treating the paint stain as quick as you can is the best way to ensure that you will get the stain out. However, accidents happen and you may not notice the stain right away. Paint stains can be tricky to remove, but with effort you will be able to get that tough stain out fast.

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