How to Remove Chocolate Stains
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How to Remove Chocolate Stains

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Chocolates are loved by one and all. It is indeed an engaging pleasure for a two year old kid, to a sixty year old Granddad. However, the chocolate delight at times, gets in touch with the clothes and becomes a sweet nightmare when it gets to the favorite outfits.

A chocolate stain is one of the most common stains that the kids regularly put all over their clothes. Dealing with a chocolate stain is a tricky task, but if you know the right way to tackle the chocolate stain, you can easily get rid of it.Here is the effective method on how to remove the chocolate stain tactfully.

Let it Dry

Whenever you come across a chocolate stain, the first and foremost rule is to let the chocolate dry. If you start to remove the melted chocolate instantly, you will only end up spreading the chocolate stain all over. So the fundamental rule to be kept in mind while dealing with a chocolate stain is to set it aside and allow the chocolate to dry!

Scrape it out

Once the chocolate stain is dry simply scrape the chocolate from the cloth. Take your kitchen knife or any thing with a blunt edge to scrape away the chocolate from the cloth. Remove as much chocolate as possible, but be very careful while scraping the chocolate, be gentle. Do not end up harming the fabric so you need to be very cautious while scraping the dry chocolate.

Rinse with cold water

No matter what stain you are dealing with never use hot water to remove the stain. Take your stained garment and hold it inside out, under tap water. Rinsing with cold water will help a great deal to drain out the extra chocolate particles from the stained cloth.

Soak the Stain and rinse thoroughly

Apply a stain remover or a liquid detergent powder to the affected area and allow it to stand for at least 5 minutes. Then simply soak the stain in cold water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then rub the stained area with hands or scrub it with the brush lightly and rinse it thoroughly.

Warning: Do not put a chocolate stained garment directly in the washing machine to wash. And never place it in the dryer, the heat will only lead to set the stain and make it much more difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

By now you know that chocolate stains are certainly not difficult to remove. You have learned how to remove chocolate stains. From now on engage yourself and your kids in various chocolate affairs without worry!

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Comments (5)

Great directions. Thank you!

great one to know!!!

I have 2 grand daughters, one is 2 yrs. old who kiss me with chocolates in her lips but the 5 yrs. old is worst cause she wipes her hands on my white shirt full of chocolates, now I have to smile back to them TWICE! Thanks Ruby.

Thanks. : )

Another great one, is a little watered down lestoil. Take a toothbrush, dip it in some diluted lestoil and scrub the stain. Then throw it in with the rest of the wash and you're golden.