5 Tips To Simplify The Home Laundry Process
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5 Tips To Simplify The Home Laundry Process

Laundry is a never-ending activity. Bedding needs to be washed on a regular basis, and clothes acquire stains that need to be removed with the help of the washing machine. By adapting some simple tips, the process of washing and drying clothes can become less time-consuming and feel less like a chore.

Laundry is a never-ending activity at home. Bedding needs to be washed on a regular basis, and clothes acquire stains that need to be removed with the help of the washing machine. By adapting some simple tips, the process of washing and drying clothes can become less time-consuming and feel less like a chore.

Clip It

Avoid losing socks during the washing and drying process. Clip together each pair of socks with a safety pin prior to putting the pair into the washing machine at home. The simplest method is to clip them at the same time you place them into the laundry basket. That way you do not have to remember to clip all of the socks on laundry day.

Joining the pair together with the safety pin eliminates the need to look through the laundry hamper for a matching sock. The chance of a loose sock falling behind the dryer is also substantially reduced. Keep the safety pin on the socks throughout the dryer cycle as well.

When the items are dry, you will be able to quickly fold them as the pair is already attached. Time is saved by not having to look for the identical pair through a mound of dry clothes.

Sort Clothes

Sort your clothes prior to starting a wash. Sort the items according to colors, fabrics, and desired water temperatures.

A few tips to sort clothes at home are:

-Separate colors from whites to eliminate the chances of the colors running. Washing whites alone also helps the items avoid fading and bleach can be added to further brighten the clothes.

-Wash delicate fabrics, such as lacy materials or clothes with thin straps, on a gentle cycle. Place them into a garment bag to protect them from being stretched or frayed.

While the sorting process at first glance appears to be more work rather than less, over the long run there is less work needed in the washing process. For example, the whites can all be transferred to the dryer at one time. Also, the delicate items are not accidently moved to the dryer if lost amidst the other fabrics. The delicate items are instead taken to hang-dry.

Sorting also helps clothes last longer. The whites stay brilliant longer and are not ruined by being combined in the washing machine with colored fabrics that stain the white items.

Remove Quickly From Dryer

Try to remove clothes from the dryer as soon as possible after the dryer cycle ends. When the clothes are still warm they are less likely to have any wrinkles. Hang shirts, pants, and other items straight away; these items will get wrinkles if they are left in the dryer for a substantial period of time.

By folding clothes soon after the end of the dryer cycle, the need to iron clothes is often eliminated. Time is saved in the laundry process as the extra step of ironing is removed.

Product Placement

Keep laundry-related products close by the washer and dryer. Close placement reduces time spent hunting for the laundry detergent and other items as they are within arms-length.

Products include laundry detergent, dryer sheets, safety pins, and a garbage can to discard dryer lint.

Ask Others

If you live with other people, ask them to help you with the laundry process. For instance, your partner or child can help sort the clothes while you take care of another necessary task.

If your living partner does not know how to use the appliances, offer a lesson in the basics of doing laundry. Then, incorporate the task into the home chore schedule. Giving children the responsibility of washing clothes can increase their self-confidence and feelings of independence. As well, you are freed to get other activities sorted out and finished.

Simplify the process of doing laundry by adapting a few straightforward tips. Place products related to the laundry process close by the appliances, and sort items before beginning a load for the washing machine. Clip together socks to avoid hunting for lost matches, and remove items soon after the dryer finishes. Ask other household members to assist you as well; laundry does not have to be a cumbersome chore when simple steps are followed.

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A great article! Good info for people just starting out, or finally moving out of mom's basement!

Impressive work and useful information. thanks

Great tips here...I have to agree with you. It works! Thanks

Truly useful. Shared to my mom. LOL!

Thanks for the comments everyone, I am glad to hear the tips are received as both useful and clear in message.

A useful article, I try to eliminate ironing as well.

Good tips!

Clever tips Christy. I am not sure how much people care about saving time from a laundry process. But I am driven by the benefits from your tips . Hope I find things the right way next time I put my stuff to clean them. :-)

Thanks for all the reads and positive comments everyone! I am glad the tips are proving useful.